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Sustainable General practice

Better Health was established in 2009 with the objective of developing a more sustainable future whilst retaining what we recognise as the heart and soul of general practice.  Our approach is to invest alongside owner doctors and that practices in the group are at least 50% owned by the working doctors.

Key things we do:

  • Work with owners of both small and large practices by purchasing an interest in the business, usually when one or more of the business owners are looking to retire. 
  • Enable succession planning and exit for existing owners, attractive entry opportunities for new doctors and a well-structured, sustainable practice that ensures continuity for patients and staff.
  • Recruit doctors and provide career options that have proved successful in attracting high calibre young general practitioners.
  • Work with general practices to provide flexible administration and management support, a cooperative clinical network and a sustainable ownership structure.
  • Help with the transition to a new generation of general practitioners and use our network and expertise to maintain and grow the business.
  • Enable the remaining partners of retiring doctors to have confidence in the continuation of their business and sale in due course.

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